About ATN


In 2007 Anthony’s life took a turn for the best as he sat in a club. God called him out of the darkness into his loving light, opening his eyes to the evil he was so entangled in. Following this encounter God told him to marry his girlfriend Tenaya who was pregnant at the time, and within a couple of weeks he was delivered from all drugs and alcohol, and was married. He released a mixtape titled are you saved vol1. During this time God placed a man in his life who would later become one of his best friends/brother Aljerome Grimes. Together they would release 2 mixtapes beats ain’t got souls vol1 and vol2. Anthony is a follower of Christ and during this journey he has realized that for some years he was trapped in a spiritual tradition that keeps so many believers stuck. Himself and Al along with their family have dedicated their life to teaching and living a above the norm lifestyle with Christ as the center.


In February of 2006 with 3 months remaining of active military service Al was invited to a small group bible study. All though he was very reluctant to attend he did, and little did he know that night would change his world and his life as he new it. He went own to receive Christ that night and after being honorable discharged from the military would return home a new man.  As His journey began God lead him to link up with a young man named Anthony Jones, who would not only be come a good friend in ministry but a best friend in life. They went own to start a group that would be called 2for1 were they made music not just for the lost but also for those who were seeking a deeper meaning and purpose in their spiritual journey . Like so many of Gods children Al had what he recalls to be a very personal encounter with his father one morning, which lead him to begin to desire to live for God in a way which was pleasing to his father and no longer longing for the approval of men. And since that time him and Anthony began to understand that there was a deeper calling on their lives to live in a manner that they would go on to tag , Living way  Above the Norm . Al and Anthony deeply believe that there are thousands upon thousands of followers of Christ, who feel a deeper urgency to do and be more like Christ. But the feeling of being so different can be a difficult task alone. But together We could all be recognized in away that could only be described, as men and women who have been with Jesus.