Abovethenormal.com would like to acknowledge Terry Minor Jr. Aka “Dj Grand Mill”. This guy has a fire for Jesus that I can’t explain. Through the sudden passing of his father Grandmill still has a Abovethenormal spirit where most people would have given up.¬†Grand Mill’s music has a very relevant but majestic approach from the beats to the lyrics. From the “get-go” it is quite clear that his driven vision, pursue, inspiration and passion is Christ centered. Although Grand Mill is a rapper, his concerts are not what you would call the “traditional concert.” Grand Mill’s concerts regularly turn into a session of healings, people being set free, souls being won and hearts becoming set on fire for God. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, a block party, in a church, or in the streets, this is a spirit-led ministry that gives the Lord total liberty to do what He desires. Stay encouraged “Grand Mill” and understand what’s ¬†normal to you is #AboveTheNorm to the world!!

Check him out at www.divinetimerecords.com and www.djgrandmill.com

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