Bryan would like to acknowledge our buddy Bryan. This kid is beyond #AboveTheNorm. He has dealt with sickle cell since he was a new born baby, but he battles this disease on a daily with a smile on his face. Bryan will be going to 8th grade this year, and loves basketball and gymnastics, but unfortunately he is unable to do those things due to spine damage caused by sickle cell. If you ever encounter this kid you would not even know he was sick. He has a smile that will brighten anybody’s day, and he never complains no matter how he feels. He takes oral chemotherapy to treat his sickle cell, and goes through many other treatments as well. So Bryan we just want to tell you each day you wake up and attack your day, you are blessing someone without even knowing it. Always keep that contagious smile on your face, and remember God loves you, we love you, and remember your normal is Abovethenormal to everyone else. Be encouraged #AboveTheNorm

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