Dr Joseph Smith Jr

Abovethenormal would like to acknowledge Dr. Rev Joseph B. Smith, Jr. He as been the pastor of New FriendShip Missonary Baptist Church ¬†for the past 32 years. He’s well known in his community as a follower of Christ and his love for people. Out of his obedience to his calling God has allowed him to spread the gospel from Mexico to Africa doing mission work. In July 2010 Pastor Smith earned his bachelor of ministry degree, July 2011 he earned his masters of ministry degree, and in July 2013 he earned his Doctorate of ministry degree all from Covington theological seminary. Pastor Smith has been married to his lovely wife Mildred for 48 wonderful years. They have 3 daughters 2 sons and 15 grandchildren. To you this is just your life, but to everyone else this is #AboveTheNorm. A lot of people look up to you and your lovely wife, you set the standard high.

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