Hannah smiles

Abovethenormal.com would like to acknowledge kelvin Richardson, and the Hannah Smiles program. One day kelvin and one of his classmates had a conversation about him putting together a community youth basketball team, but deep down inside he knew God had something deeper for him to do in the Alcoa community. With good response from ideas things got set into motion and The Hannah Smiles program was developed. Hannah Smiles is a awesome program that helps, teaches, encourages, and motivates young people to be the best they can be. They have reading programs, they go out in the community and help pick up trash, and with the help of other people in the community young people are being mentored and are showed how much they are loved and are special. It takes an #AboveTheNorm heart to do the things that this program does for young people, and a abovethenorm mentality to come up with the plan. Kelvin’s heart and love for people shows everywhere he goes and that is one of the main reasons Hannah Smiles program is so successful. Love is contagious and it shows through this program. Great Work Kelvin and all the Hannah Smiles Staff we love you!!!

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