Pastor Aaron McCarter would like to acknowledge pastor Aaron McCarter, who is the lead pastor of Maryvillle Vineyard Church in Maryville TN. In a world full of division he is dedicated to uniting with the love of Jesus. His love for Jesus, and people is really showing throughout his community all the way to Haiti and Africa. Pastor Aaron has the love of Christ all in him to a point you can just see it in his eyes. Through his obedience God has surrounded him with a amazing team of people who not only minister to people in their local neighborhoods, but they also go overseas doing mission work, planting Churches, and spreading the love of Jesus Christ. Vineyard Church has 3 locations in the east tn area; Maryville, Springbrook, and Knoxville, and trust me they are just getting started. Pastor Aaron has dedicated his life to following Jesus, and living a life that is pleasing to Jesus, and his fruit is really showing all over the world. It’s good to know in a world full of hatred, greed, and division that there is someone like Aaron who has the love of Jesus all in his bones, and is willing to do whatever it takes to unite people to Jesus, and demonstrates the kind of love we should all give out. Pastor Aaron you are truly #AboveTheNorm and your actions are not being overlooked. Keep up the great work for Jesus we love you.

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