One of the biggest blessings that we utilize the wrong way is focus. Focus has a few definitions but there are two that I feel are perfect for this article. The first definition is the center of interest, the second is pay particular attention to. One of the easiest things to do is to change your focus. The hard part is focusing on the right thing. I could stand up and preach the most powerful sermon, straight from God and you could miss the whole point because your more focused on the stain on my shirt. We tend to put more focus on things that entertain us instead of the things that are healthy for us. God gave us the magnificent ability to lock in on something and study it to a point of mastery, but the problem is we mostly only focus on the things that can, and will alter our spirit, mind, and feelings in a negative way. In a world full of sin that seems to be ran on a system of hatred it’s easy to lock in on all the negative instead of focusing on all the good. On a daily we train our minds to look at the glass half empty instead of half full. Always expecting the worse instead of focusing on the good. Now I’m not saying that if you change your focus that everything will be perfect, but I will promise you that it will be better. When I think about Jesus and his crucifixion. It sometimes can be easy to focus on the nails, the thorns, the beatings and mocking. And a lot of times we tell that story as if it was a good thing. Instead I try to shift my focus to the fact that he loved me so much that he allowed those things to happen. So I focus more on his resurrection, and the fact the beatings are over, death was defeated, and love won. Now that doesn’t mean persecution won’t come our way, but it does mean that when it comes our focus should be on the end result, and understanding that no weapon that is formed will prosper against you. Focus is the key to identifying your blessings, and hardships. Some of us are so focused on what we think are hardships because what we’ve focused on for so long, we don’t even realize the blessing that’s in the midst of it. There is so much power in focus, but there is so much weakness at the same time. Use your focus to glorify God. Lock in on his love and grace, and never let the devil change your way of thinking #AboveTheNorm